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Patterdale Terriers of the Nemesis Class.
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Nemesis: "A righteous act of retribution
inflicted by an appropriate agent!" BrickTop 
 This is the web site for the Nemesis Patterdale kennels, a passion of the proprietors of
the Griffith Land & Cattle Co., of central Virginia.
We’ve produced various high-performance dogs for our own purposes for decades.
occasionally sell some but...
we do not make a business out of selling dogs or pups.
We work to produce a
friendly but fierce type of small "working" terrier known the world over as
Patterdale Terriers.

Caution to Sissies!  If you're easily upset by real life-n-death action images you should leave this web site right now.
(example at the bottom of this page)

  We produce Patterdale Terriers of "the Nemesis Class" (a title given to our dogs by a very happy customer.)

Among our many skills & services we sometimes help property & livestock owners with troublesome vermin in various ways.  Sometimes our terriers let us apply a pro-active approach that customers really seem to appreciate.
When groundhogs, fox, opossums or raccoons become troublesome, guns & traps are what work best.
But we can't always do that.
  These dogs gave us another way to handle vermin problems when circumstances limit our choices.  Once we worked out how to apply these cool little dogs to those kinds of problems we never looked back.  Customers watch in awe as these little dogs drag creatures like raccoons, opossums and such from under houses & sheds.
For us, these activities are neither sport nor a recreational game.  No matter how much satisfaction we might get from it, this is always hard work and we try to approach all of it with a business-like attitude.
This helps us stay focused on the real reason Patterdale Terriers were ever developed.
They're for helping us eliminate targeted nuisance animals.
Back in April of 2005, Ron of Shillelagh Kennels, (an old friend from our hound hunting years,) let us try a couple of pups from his program.  Those dogs, (Pebbles & Bambam,) were so good for our purposes that we started a breeding program that we now call "the Nemesis Program."  Our stated goal is to breed up a family of dogs that will, with some regularity, drag the beast (or some part of him) from its lair.
This is called "drawing" and it's ordinarily a very rare event.  We hope to make it a less uncommon phenomenon.
With some
friendly advice, cooperation and lots of encouragement from some well-known breeders we began producing little "verminators" that often achieved and occasionally exceed our expectations.
We're still working on drawing the beast with ever-more regularity.  That's a very lofty goal no matter what.
Our Patterdales are of the European type.  Have a look at what that means >> [Link]
We use ours primarily for getting ‘coons, fox and ‘possums out of holes, debris piles, old buildings and crawl-spaces or wherever the beasts are suspected.
We're also working on a strain that we hope to use for raiding coyote dens.
The presence of any Patterdale Terrier, especially the Nemesis Class usually spells doom for any small animal in the same proximity.  
Shown just below are the 2 dogs Ron sent us  (Pebbles on the left, Bambam on the right.)
They're shown inflicting "Death by Patterdale" on a fairly large opossum that was discovered in a neighbors hen house one hot summer night.  When the pups arrived on the scene it only took moments for them to find the beast and drag it out where they could deliver the "righteous act of retribution" which began their local reputation.

  The owner of the chickens took considerable satisfaction in witnessing this scene.

Be sure to have a look at the >>>Colors & Markings<<< page to get the big picture.
Also, if you're thinking about getting one for a "pet" be sure to read the essay-PDF titled "So You Want a Patterdale" (along with other topics) found on the
>>>More Info<<< page.  Lots of information can be found there.
We dislike having to sell any of our pups or dogs but we just can't keep them all and that's the only reason the public ever gets a chance to own one of these very-special terriers.  However, once we started this site there's been a steadily growing demand for pups from our breeding program.  We still only
have pups available occasionally but we produce them a little more often to help those folks that have convinced themselves that they want one of ours.
Remember, there are
other well established breeders shown on our >>>Links Page<<< and mentioned in various places throughout this web site.  All those folks have good dogs too.  Give them a look. 

If you examine pedigrees on this and other sites you'll see HOF after
the names of some dogs.
HOF means Hall Of Fame.  Every now and then a dog is recognized for its positive impact on the whole breed.
Those are the Hall Of Fame dogs.  The caliber of the offspring is how HOF dogs are determined.
(Sadly, in America this has begun to mean a record for producing dainty little show dogs more than the field performance.)

Remember, No matter why the HOF title is given, i
t's the quality of the progeny
that makes the ancestor great.
Patterdale Terriers of the Nemesis Class are not bred to be show-dogs though many are pretty enough.
Dogs from our kennels and from our breeder friends (shown herein & on the Links page) are "the real thing."

 Thanks for visiting.  Our contact info can be found via the
Available Now tab. 


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