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 Updated 2 September 2017
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You're invited to read a letter I recently wrote (below) and sent to the President of the United States. (POTUS)
Y'all have my permission to copy this, put your name in place of mine and send it to him.
Whatever you may have been led to think about DDT, what is written here is The TRUTH.

For the President
WASHINGTON DC 20500-0001

30 June 2017

My Dear Mr. President,

I am a “nobody” and I'm probably a good representative of your constituency. I said at the outset of rumors of your bid for the office of POTUS that you, as an internationally successful businessman of renown, were exactly what America needs. The personal character traits you exhibit are of little consequence compared to your demonstrated acumen at accomplishing “the deal” to your advantage. Now you're exercising your talents on behalf of America. Your handling of the various heads of state you've been meeting maintains my confidence in having made a good decision in casting my vote for you. To underscore that feeling I'll point out that watching the mindless antics of the Congress gives me similar confidence that you're doing right. It's difficult to find fault with anything that ticks-off that crowd. Good on you again, sir!

Let us consider the chemical known as DDT. Invented in the latter days of the 1800s, it's singularly responsible for controlling many mosquito borne illnesses world wide. Then, as a knee-jerk reaction to a bit of mindless and completely groundless propaganda, the use of DDT was banned. This happened so quickly there was no opportunity for science to play the important role it should have in such matters. DDT is and always was “environmentally safe.” It's so safe you can eat it by the spoonful without fear. Since it's ban, DDT has been Scientifically PROVEN innocent of all the claims that got it banned. It was innocent of every bad thing it was accused of. Yet, to this very day it's publicly blamed for the reduced populations of the Bald Eagle among other sins. It's been established that DDT played no part in any of those phenomenon. Not guilty again. The North African campaigns of WW1, WW2 and the successful completion of the Panama Canal are just 3 of the many accomplishments that would have been impossible without the use of DDT. Just ask the real experts.

Now the mosquito borne diseases are coming back. There is a simple way to drive those diseases back into obscurity. Bring back DDT. I'm sure you can easily verify what I claim here. I'll say it again, DDT is and always was environmentally safe. You'll have to get your fact checkers to look past the EPA since that bureaucracy is complicit in promoting and maintaining the ongoing anti-DDT propaganda campaign. They are maintaining public ignorance by passing falsehoods as truth for no good reason that can be identified. You, Mr. President, are someone that can bring out the truth and get this situation changed by simply making casual mention of these matters.

The EPA has done little good for America. The ban of the manufacture and use of DDT was nothing less than a hysterical and emotional leap to false conclusions. The entire world has been made to suffer a laundry list of growing hazards as a result of EPA meddling. The “official” information available on the internet makes claims about “trace amounts” found here and there years after the ban of DDT. The same can be said for Fluoride, a truly poisonous product found world wide in toothpaste. The same can also be said for Arsenic, a poison that exists in “trace amounts” throughout nature. To the remarks of finding trace amounts of DDT I suggest asking, “so what?” Be sure to carefully watch how they struggle to very-carefully answer that question.

Many chemicals have come and gone since the ban of DDT, all of which are far more hazardous to “the environment” let alone being just plain toxic. You certainly can't eat a spoonful of any of them like you can DDT. Good old DDT was more effective and less hazardous than any of it's replacements. No chemical exists that was or is as effective and as environmentally safe as DDT. Meanwhile, America and the rest of the world has a steadily growing incidence of mosquito borne diseases.

Mr. President, I don't have a dog in the fight but I ask that you cast the light of day on this shady business. By merely saying something about it you could right a grievous wrong that the EPA has foisted on the whole modern world. These facts I mention are not unknown. Have one of your minions have a look into it for you. It's just not being talked about by anyone that has any voice. However, the voice of the POTUS is heard everywhere and by everyone no matter how casual a remark he makes. You can right this wrong by just saying something about it. Among your many well and lesser known accomplishments, past and future, it would certainly cast you in a very bright light to be personally responsible for making the entire world a safer place for all of humanity.

Mr. President, say something about the DDT scam.

Tim Griffith


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