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More Information about Patterdale Terriers
(Things ya oughta know that would otherwise take a long time to learn.)
Do yourself a favor and check out this whole page, taking note of all the information available here.

We've added some information on various subjects that seem to constantly be in doubt.
Questions about these things seem to resurface regularly.  We try to help by showing it all.
Associated Editorial subjects, (click on a BOLD title to read a short essay):
Be sure to check out all the essays on various Patterdale subjects, (in PFD format.)

This link [just below] will take you to a site for dog breed info. It should open on the Patterdale Terrier page.
On that page is one of the very best and most honest description of these dogs that we've ever found.
Please Read it carefully. Whoever wrote it knows what they're talking about.
To see the dog, "Rocky," mentioned at the bottom of the above description, Click here >>> [ Rocky & Badger.jpg ]
 Note: That's just the Patterdale Terrier section of that web site which covers many breeds.
Wikipedia finally put together a decent description of the Patterdale Terrier.
Have a look:

This paragraph is copied directly from that page....

"Patterdale Terrier puppies tend to be bold and confident beyond their capabilities.  The Patterdale Terrier is known as a working terrier, rather than a show dog.  Typical of terriers, whose work requires high energy and a strong drive to pursue prey, Patterdale Terriers are very energetic and can be difficult to socialize.  Though also kept as pets, due to being bred for high-intensity work, they may tend towards being too energetic for a sedentary household life and run round like mad in the household."
Think on this BEFORE getting a puppy.

Colors & Markings <<<  Click on this page to see some of the colors for Patterdale Terriers.
Black and Chocolate are more common and popular but not the only color-schemes in the gene-pool.
Remember, it's NOT their color that makes them Patterdale Terriers, (no matter what they say.)
So, what are you getting yourself into ?!?
Click on these links for some realistic looks into the realities of Working with terriers.
Here's a good look and how some experienced guys handle things. >>>
Getting It Done <<<

   Why We Hunt Foxes  <<< click there for a wee bit of reality for the city folks.

Their seems to be a growing interest in getting the Patterdale Terrier for the purpose of going after groundhogs. 
I personally think this is lunacy but others claim to think of it as fun.  To each his own, I suppose. In any case, everyone should understand a specific hazard that your dog is more likely to face with groundhogs than with any other beast commonly found in the ground.  Here is a 4-page essay (PDF) to help explain it.
Click here for a reality check. >>>  Beware the groundhog! (pdf)

Associated Editorial subjects, (click on a title to read a short essay):  
Our Registration Policy  (pdf,)   The HOF title, Past, Present & Future. pdf     
Catch & Release and The Law (pdf,)  
  Earth-working and The Law.  (pdf,)          

   So, You think ya want a Patterdale (pdf,) 
  Rabies! What You SHOULD Know! pdf

           The Power In The Blood.    (pdf,)     
   Pure Bred or Designer-Mix?  (pdf,)       
 Check back regularly 'cause there's more coming all the time.

    Here are a couple youTube videos showing some real-life reality for earthworking dogs. I don't know these guys and hope they don't mind my showing the links to their video here.
(Lads, if it's not okay, please contact me and I'll make the correction.)

Click these links (below) for a look at what earth-working is all about!
This one shows how dogs look if they (and their owners) go in for the "earth-working" games.

This one is one of the most elaborate training setups I've ever seen!
You can believe that if you build it, "they will come!" Have a look.
If you take the time to view these videos, pay close attention to the size and structure of these "European type" dogs. They're not at all like the dainty little things the Americans seem to prefer.

Another way to play!
A fairly new game has developed in America that is dedicated to any dog that is willing to go into a small dark place and harass the vermin therein. They don't care what breed [or mix] you bring. They just wanna know if he'll take care of business...sort of!?! You and your dog might be able to have loads of fun without getting dirty. Give them a look >>>  <<< (this link is also shown on our Links page.)

For a brief look at the real thing look here>>>  Reports from the Field! 
This page is in a constant state of change as information comes trickling in.
If YOU have a good action story to share (hopefully with a photo or 2,) we'll be happy to show it here.

Click here>>> Breedings & Bloodlines & Pedigrees As We Know Them.
This is where we display what we know about how our dogs
are bred (and some others).
You might find this page to be informative.

Remember, if you've just gotta have a Patterdale Terrier, be sure you have a place for it.
If it's not gonna be a "house-dog" you'll need a safe place to keep it.
If you have doubts, take a look at the Alcatraz Kennels page for some good ideas.
Click here >>> Alcatraz Kennels for a look.



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