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Gone but NOT forgotten.
This page is where we'll keep alive the memory of all the dogs that got us to this point. We'd never have gotten here without them.
Click on a name to go to their page and see what we have to say about these dogs.

Shillelagh's Dyke  (The gal that got it all going for us!) R.I.P.
Pebbles (another that we couldn't have done without.) R.I.P.
In a moment of weakness we were persuaded to sell Pebbles and regretted it ever since.
Now we've been told that spring [2014] she died in the ground during a denning-raid.
Our fellow earth-worker was happy to have her for the few years she was in his hands and felt it was his duty to let us know of her honorable demise.

Pinga We recently learned from Ron that Pinga went into the ground where he could not be dug to and never returned. It has been long enough that Ron finally had to face the sad fact that Pinga was not going to come back out. He was a huge dog as Patterdales go and we all thought he'd never get into a den and Ron had hoped he wouldn't have to dig to him. That hope had proved unrealistic on a couple worrisome occassions, most notably his last effort. We all feel Ron's pain and lament the loss of this tremendous dog. R.I.P

Bosco  The only son of Pinga, a "spannable" little black-brindle whose lease on life expired in January 2016.


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